Learning Resource Review: Coding

Hello! Thank you for sharing such an awesome learning resource with us, I am excited to jump into it! I know absolutely nothing about coding or computers so I am interested in learning what this project has to teach. So here we go! Right off the bat there’s an awesome outside resource, Jupyter, being used! […]

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Brush It Off: Week 6

Week six of my climbing adventure. It’s crazy I can already feel myself starting to improve, and I’ve made new friends I wouldn’t have had without the consistent gym time I’ve been putting in. I’ve learnt so much about the sport and about myself, and I’ve been feeling a lot stronger and happier now that […]

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Dyno-Mite: Week 4

Hello all and welcome back to my blog! This week while reading “Teaching in a Digital Age”, by Bates (2015), he describes technology as a mere tool to be used in teaching and learning; he postulates that the more important aspect is when and how technologies are applied and how clearly this is done. This […]

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Monkeying Around: Week 3

Hello and welcome back to my rock climbing journey! Learning rock climbing is more than just showing up at the gym and sending climbs – or falling off them. Rock climbing can be a collaborative process: I always ask for the advice of my friends and of complete strangers at the gym, everyone in the […]

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Rock This Plan: Week 1

Hello everyone and welcome to week one of my personal learning challenge! Here I will introduce you to what I am planning to teach myself in the coming week of EDCI 335. I have always tried to keep my mind and body busy either reading or working out. I quickly found out that traditional working […]

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Hey There!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my introduction, my name is Chloe LeSire and I am excited to experience this learning design class with all of you! And you’re right: I am a student at UVic; I am in my third(ish) year of my undergrad and will most likely graduate by next April (fingers crossed) with […]

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